Misdemeanor Compliance Program

The San Juan County Misdemeanor Compliance program monitors misdemeanor offenders’ compliance with the terms of probation, thereby improving the rate of probationers’ continued access to and completion of community services intended to encourage behavior change.

The San Juan County Misdemeanor Compliance Program has been in operation since October 2002 and is under the supervision of Gail Peters.  The Program exists to supervise adult offenders of misdemeanor crimes sentenced primarily from the Magistrate Courts in San Juan County and operates with one (1) Supervisor, five (5) Compliance Officers and two (2) Support Staff.

Funding is provided through San Juan County, Local DWI Program funds, and program fees collected from offenders.

Basic Criteria
ffenders must meet the following minimum criteria for participation in the program:
  • Be authorized by the Magistrate Court system.
  • Agree to all conditions of the contract as mandated by the court and all rules of the Compliance Program.
  • Must maintain gainful employment, be actively seeking employment and/or be attending an approved educational institution.
  • Offenders must commit to active participation in his or her own progress.

Though a variety of monitoring levels and techniques are employed, the offender must take a major portion of the responsibility for his or her own progress.  The Compliance Program is designed to be a system that encourages and rewards self-discipline.

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