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DWI Center - 1006 Municipal Drive in Farmington, New Mexico
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The Mission of the San Juan County DWI Detention/Treatment/Aftercare Program is to reduce further incidence of drinking and driving among DWI offenders and to impact the community at large in a positive manner by providing best practices treatment in the field of substance abuse to clients of the DWI Center; to provide for the safety and security of incarcerated inmates by maintaining care, custody and control; and to provide follow-up support, accountability, and advocacy for families and clients who have completed the incarceration and treatment program components.
The program administers clear, punitive consequences combined with quality treatment and aftercare programs which offer counseling, education and case management to encourage a responsible choice by the offender to not drink and drive.
The program provides:
  •  A 28-day treatment program for offenders housed in a minimum security detention facility.
    • During their 28-day stay, offenders participate in daily treatment/educational sessions.
  • Participants are released with a personalized action plan highlighting continuing aftercare, and are monitored throughout this aftercare component by case managers for up to one year.
  • The aftercare component, in part, consists of group meetings and individual sessions with local service providers.
  • This component may include alcohol and drug treatment, domestic violence services and a range of mental health, educational, and vocational services.

The San Juan County DWI Program provides a proven alternative to traditional sentencing for DWI offenders. The San Juan County DWI Center accepts offenders convicted of misdemeanor DWI from courts in San Juan County and, on a space-available basis, other New Mexico courts. (Courts outside of San Juan County must have a fully executed Memorandum of Agreement with San Juan County in order to sentence offenders to the San Juan County DWI Center.)



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