Inspections Building Division

Inspection requests are required to be scheduled a day in advance by calling 505.334.4313.  To avoid delays on your project, insure that you are ready for an inspection to take place.

  • Footing:  Forms and rebar in place prior to placement of concrete
  • Foundation Wall:  Concrete block, Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) block or concrete forms in place with reinforcement or rebar prior to placement of concrete
  • Monolithic Slab:  Forms, exterior insulation and rebar in place prior to placement of concrete
  • Electrical Under slab:  Raceway runs prior to covering trench
  • Plumbing Under slab:  Drain-Waste-Vent (DWV) with test prior to covering trench, in-floor heat with air test
  • Slab on Grade:  After Electrical and Plumbing under slab prior to placement of concrete
  • Rough Electrical:  Electric service, feeders and branch circuits raceway complete to termination
  • Rough Plumbing:  DWV top-out thru roof with test, gas piping with test, water piping with test
  • Rough Heating and Ventilation:  Appliance vents thru the roof, trunk line and taps installed, combustion air provided, exhaust ducts complete
  • Framing:  After rough-in electrical, plumbing and mechanical are completed and approved, windows in place, foundation and roof vents installed, air barrier requirements completed
  • Stucco Lath:  Paper and wire installed and prior to application of stucco cement
  • Insulation:  Exterior walls complete, ceiling complete if batted—Blown-in attic insulation and crawl space insulation may be verified at building final
  • Electrical Final: Panel board labeled, cover plate on, switches and outlets connected, fixtures in place
  • Plumbing Final: Fixtures in place, water supply functional, gas appliances installed and connected
  • Mechanical Final: Gas appliances connected to gas supply and operational, vent terminations complete, return and supply grills in place, cooling units complete and functional
  • Fire Department: Applicable to Commerical Construction Only
  • Building Final: Last inspection prior to occupancy approval
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