San Juan County Clean-Up Program

The target cleanup sites are those whose landowners, through an application process, voluntarily agree to allow county employees and inmate workers to enter onto their private property for the purpose of the removal of refuse. County employees and detention center inmate workers, upon approved application and notification of a signed waiver by the landowner, shall schedule a day to remove refuse which will be hauled off to the dump for disposal.

Once it has been determined what extent of assistance is to be provided, a time and day will be scheduled for cleanup,and the landowner will be contacted with the details. The landowner will be required to be present during the clean-up process.

Citizens who are interested in applying for property cleanup and wish for the refuse to be removed may contact San Juan County Community Development (505-334-4552) to submit an application for assistance.

How Can I Have My Property Cleaned?
* Call San Juan County Community Development at (505) 334-4552 to submit a request.
* Each applicant will be considered by a review team on a case-by-case basis to determine what exact services will be provided.
* The site will be photographed before and after the cleanup has taken place.
What Properties Will SJC Clean?
* No businesses will be eligible for cleanup.
* Eligibility is also limited to those who are not physically able or financially capable to pay for clean up.
* The cleanup process is not targeted for household trash and service will be reserved for larger, hard-to-handle items such as old appliances, cars, landscape debris, junk, and in some cases abandoned mobile homes etc.
* San Juan County will not enter any dwellings or other structures.
When Will SJC Clean My Property?
* Upon approved application and notification of a signed waiver by the land owner, a clean up day will be scheduled.
* The landowner must be present on the day of cleanup
Junk Vehicles
In the event the landowner wishes a junk vehicle to be removed, a clear title must be provided where applicable. The County will also consider old vehicles with no title. The cleanup team will then remove the vehicle or make arrangements with a local junk dealer to remove it.
San Juan County has incorporated this plan to provide landowners a voluntary means for cleaning up land that contains substantial amounts of refuse.
For More Information Call:
San Juan County Community Development • (505) 334-4552
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Fax: (505) 334-3755
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