Article 3 - Pre-Application


Section 3.1. Pre-Application Procedure

3.1.1 Conference, In General
For the purpose of expediting applications and reducing subdivision design and development costs, a Subdivider may request an informal pre-application conference in accordance with this Article. The pre-application conference is intended to provide general advice to the Subdivider about the procedures and requirements for subdivision review and approval.

3.1.2 Conference, When Required
A pre-application conference is required for each subdivision which is eligible for review under the summary procedure provided in Article 6 of these Regulations.

3.1.3 Scheduling
When a pre-application conference is requested by a Subdivider or required by these Regulations, the Subdivision Review Officer shall schedule the conference within a reasonable time.

3.1.4 Fee
No fee shall be required for a pre-application conference.

3.1.5 Statements Non Binding
Neither the Subdivider nor the County shall be bound by any statements or determinations made during the pre-application conference.

3.1.6 Application Forms
During the pre-application conference, or upon request, the Subdivision Review Officer shall provide information and application forms to the Subdivider. All necessary forms shall be provided without charge.

Section 3.2. Pre-Application Data Requirements
At the pre-application conference, the subdivider may provide any of the following to assist the Subdivision Review Officer in the initial review of the proposed subdivision:

3.2.1 Sketch Plan
A sketch plan may be submitted which shows the proposed layout of streets and lots, estimated dimensions, other relevant site information, and the location of the proposed subdivision.

3.2.2 Additional Information
The Subdivider may also provide the name and mailing address of the Subdivider and designated agent, if any; the name of the owner or owners of the land to be subdivided; a written description of the proposed subdivision; a description of surrounding land uses; and information which describes the accessibility of the site to roads and utilities.
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