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The Finance Department’s mission is to preserve and maintain the County’s financial integrity and trustworthiness.

This shall be achieved by ensuring accurate & timely financial information, strong internal accounting and budgetary controls and the safekeeping of the County’s assets. The mission is further maintained by providing financial and administrative support to the County’s operating departments to facilitate efficient and effective County services and providing quality service to all internal and external customers.

The Finance Department will uphold the County’s reputation as a leader by providing excellence and integrity, with Jim Cox in the management of the resources belonging to the citizens of San Juan County.

The San Juan County Finance Department consists of fifteen full-time employees.  The Finance Department is responsible for managing many different financial functions for the County including:  accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, grant accounting, general ledger control, internal audits, issuance of bonds, bank reconciliations, fixed asset inventory, and the processing of outgoing and incoming County mail. 
  • The department is responsible for the annual external audit and the preparation of the financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). 
  • The department prepares and monitors the annual budget. 
  • The department works closely with the external auditors, the State Auditor, the Treasurer's Office, as well as the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration.


  Chief Financial Officer Deputy Finance Officer

Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA)
Certificate of Achievement for
Excellence in Financial Reporting
twelve consecutive fiscal years: 2006 through 2017.

GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Award
 nine consecutive fiscal years: 2009 through 2017.

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