Finance Facts

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  • Out of 33 counties - San Juan County continues to have the second lowest mil rate in the state at 8.5 mils.
  • Counties are required to maintain a cash balance reserve of 3/12th (25%) of budgeted expenditures in the General Fund. A 1/12th reserve is required for the Road Fund.
  • Tax Year 2013 Assessed Valuation: $3,653,470,195.
  • General Obligation (G.O.) bonding capacity: (4% of assessed value): $146,138,808.
  • NO G.O. bond debt outstanding. The last G.O. Bond issued was in 1980 for $4 million to construct the County Detention Center.
  • Outstanding Debt: $44,800,000 as of June 30, 2013.

Property Taxes
Operational Mil Levy (property Taxes):
     Residential: 6.310 mils out of an allowable 11.85
     Non-Residential: 8.5 mils
Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILT) Funding:
     Generated $2,062,957 in FY2013.

Gross Receipts Tax
Gross Receipts Tax Rate as of July 1, 2013 is 6.3125%.

  • GRT Taxes imposed within only the unincorporated areas by County as of July 1, 2013 = .375%
  • GRT Taxes imposed within the municipalities and unincorporated areas by the County as of July 1, 2013 =.8125%.
  • 1/8th(.1250) General Operations (county-wide)
  • 1/8th(.1250) Indigent Fund (county-wide)
  • 1/4% (.2500) Fire Protection (unincorporated area of the county)
  • 1/8th(.1250) Environment (unincorporated area of the county)
  • 1/8th(.1250) General Operations dedicated to Juvenile & Adult Detention Centers (county-wide)
  • 1/8th(.1250) Correctional (county-wide)
  • 3/16%(.1875) Communication/EMS (county-wide)
  • 1/8th(.1250) Local Hospital (county-wide)

San Juan County historically received the majority of its revenues from property taxes assessed only on property owners within San Juan County.

In response to County's legislative requests to the State to fund "unfunded" mandates, the State gave counties a mechanism to raise revenues to meet those needs - gross receipts taxing authority.

San Juan County chose to implement gross receipts taxes to relieve the burden on the property owner and spread the taxes equitably among all citizens and visitors to San Juan County.