MerckEngage allows employees to track current health conditions, create meal plans, have access to over 500 low-calorie recipes, as well as many other tools that will aid in creating healthy living and overall fitness.

This tool may be reached two ways:
  1. Visit and hover over “for Members” tab on the screen. Click      on the words “Health & Wellness” in the drop down that appears. On the new page that opens, click on MerckEngage at the bottom. When the      new window opens, click on the words “Sign Up” to the right. Follow all the prompts to create a user account.
  2. Visit When the window opens, click on the words “Sign Up” to the right.       Follow all the prompts to create a user account.

Now that you have created an account, you may return at any time to track, view and change your information through a web site that knows you by name.

If you require assistance with either of the sites, please call me at 334-4504.

Happy and Healthy Living to Build a Stronger Community!

Smoking Cessation

  • New Mexico Department of Health: 1-800-QUIT NOW
  • To participate in a one-on-one smoking cessation program contact Anne at 505-327-3967. She uses curriculum that is used by the Mayo Clinic in Arizona. You may be able to receive a Chantix prescription through the program.
  • Chantix is covered under the County’s pharmacy plan with Restat.

Gym Reimbursement Program

                                             Gym Membership Reimbursement Policy

I. OBJECTIVE: San Juan County encourages employees to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness.

II. ELIGIBILITY: Gym membership reimbursement is available to full-time employees who have been employed by San Juan County for a minimum of 6 months.

III. POLICY: Employees will be reimbursed up to $100.00 per year for eligible fees. Eligible fees include the enrollment (if applicable) and annual or monthly fees for an individual membership at a fitness center. Employees with a family membership must provide documentation of the cost for an individual membership, and will be reimbursed based upon that amount. Employees will be reimbursed on a quarterly basis, regardless of the type of membership (annual or monthly).

III. PROCEDURE: Employees must follow the expense report procedure to get reimbursed. An expense report and copy of the receipt must be submitted each quarter. Expense reports and receipts must be submitted to Human Resources.

IV. EXCLUSIONS: Recreational activities, weight-loss programs, smoking-cessation programs, and other similar programs do not qualify for reimbursement.

V. TAX LIABILITY: The amount reimbursed to employees may be reported as taxable income to the Internal Revenue Service and is subject to FICA, Medicare, federal, state, and local taxes.

VI. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Employees should consult with a physician before beginning a physical regiment.