Permits are required in San Juan County for projects to be erected, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, removed, converted, or demolished.


To assist you in the submittal process, the following checklists and permit applications are provided (right-click and save as to open)


Construction Permit Checklists




Permit Applications


Inspections Building Division

Inspection requests are required to be scheduled a day in advance by calling 505.334.4313.  To avoid delays on your project, insure that you are ready for an inspection to take place.

  • Footing:  Forms and rebar in place prior to placement of concrete
  • Foundation Wall:  Concrete block, Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) block or concrete forms in place with reinforcement or rebar prior to placement of concrete
  • Monolithic Slab:  Forms, exterior insulation and rebar in place prior to placement of concrete
  • Electrical Under slab:  Raceway runs prior to covering trench
  • Plumbing Under slab:  Drain-Waste-Vent (DWV) with test prior to covering trench, in-floor heat with air test
  • Slab on Grade:  After Electrical and Plumbing under slab prior to placement of concrete
  • Rough Electrical:  Electric service, feeders and branch circuits raceway complete to termination
  • Rough Plumbing:  DWV top-out thru roof with test, gas piping with test, water piping with test
  • Rough Heating and Ventilation:  Appliance vents thru the roof, trunk line and taps installed, combustion air provided, exhaust ducts complete
  • Framing:  After rough-in electrical, plumbing and mechanical are completed and approved, windows in place, foundation and roof vents installed, air barrier requirements completed
  • Stucco Lath:  Paper and wire installed and prior to application of stucco cement
  • Insulation:  Exterior walls complete, ceiling complete if batted—Blown-in attic insulation and crawl space insulation may be verified at building final
  • Electrical Final: Panel board labeled, cover plate on, switches and outlets connected, fixtures in place
  • Plumbing Final: Fixtures in place, water supply functional, gas appliances installed and connected
  • Mechanical Final: Gas appliances connected to gas supply and operational, vent terminations complete, return and supply grills in place, cooling units complete and functional
  • Fire Department: Applicable to Commerical Construction Only
  • Building Final: Last inspection prior to occupancy approval



Fax:  505.334.3755

Permit Technician
(505) 334-4313
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Building Official
Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector
(505) 334-4709
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Building Inspector
(505) 334-4718
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Electrical Inspector
(505) 334-4315
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Building FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  I want to put a storage shed on my residential property. Do I need a permit?

A:   If the storage shed is less than 120 square feet, generally 10’ X 12’, you do not need a building permit.

Q:  I need need a carport for my vehicle. Do I need a permit?

A: Yes. A building permit is required.

Q:  Do I need a contractors license to put an addition and porch on my house?

A:  If the home is your principle place of residence, you can obtain a homeowner’s permit to construct or alter the residence without the need for a contractors license.

Q:  Do I need an architect to draw my plans for a new home or an addition to my existing home?

A:   No. You may draw you own plans or hire a draftsman to complete them for you.

Q: Can you recommend a good contractor?

A: The San Juan County Building Division cannot recommend or endorse specific contractors. However, we can verify that the contractor is licensed in the State of New Mexico.

Q:  How long is my permit valid?

A:  Permits expire one (1) year from the date of issuance. If an individual wishes, they may extend their permit for an additional year by renewing it prior to expiration for an amount equal to half the original permit fee.

Q:  I want to get a permit, but I am afraid my taxes will skyrocket because of the cost of my project. What can I do?

A:  The estimated cost of your project does not determine the taxable amount you will be assessed. Permits are utilized to insure that your safety and the safety of others is not compromised.

Q:  What are the requirements for a permanent foundation for my mobile home?

A:  The requirements for mobile homes are administered by the State of New Mexico Manufactured Housing Division. The County Building Division has no jurisdictional authority for mobile home foundations, however, Floodplain approval and moving permits are required by other County Departments.