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Road Map Basic web map depicting San Juan County roads Road Map
Oil & Gas Well locations within San Juan County Oil & Gas Map  
Retrieved from Go-Tech
Floodplain San Juan County Floodplain Floodplain Map  
Assessor's San Juan County Assessor's Parcel Map & Data Parcel Map  
Clerk's San Juan County Clerk's Office Map Clerk's Map    
SJC Fire San Juan County Fire Department districts & Hydrants Fire Map    
Recreation Four Corners recreation areas & Paddle Trails
Senate Districts Senate Districts in San Juan County  See Clerk's Office Map Senate Districts Map Senate Districts (SHP)
Commission Districts Map of San Juan County Commission Districts  See Clerk's Office Map Commission Districts (SHP)
 House of Representatives Map of San Juan County House of Representatives Districts  See Clerk's Office Map House of Representatives Map Representative Districts (SHP)
 Planning & Platting Planning & Platting Zones within San Juan County   Planning & Platting Map Planning & Platting (SHP)
 Kirtland Town Limits  Boundary for new town of Kirtland limits   Town of Kirtland Map Kirtland Boundary (SHP)
City of Farmington City limits for Farmington, NM     City of Farmington (SHP)
City of Aztec City Limits for Aztec, NM     City of Aztec (SHP)
City of Bloomfield City limits for Bloomfield, NM     City of Bloomfield (SHP)

Imagery Services



WMS Service

Four inch and six inch imagery for San Juan County
River Corridor and Middle Mesa
2013 Nine inch and four inch imagery. River corridor
Six inch and one foot resolution. River corridor and
Largo Canyon
2009 Six inch and one foot resolution. Entire San Juan County
2007 Six inch and one foot resolution. River corridor
2005 One meter, NAIP imagery. Entire county.
2003 One foot resolution, river corridor.
1996 Five meter resolution. Entire county.
1976 1:14,000. River corridor.