Secure Detention

The 47-bed secure detention facility holds juveniles in custody for an alleged delinquent act after a detention risk assessment instrument is completed and a determination is made that the child meets criteria for detention. The criteria for detention are pursuant to NM State Statute which governs the decisions for secure holding.

An objective for operations of detention is to provide a secure, safe, and structured setting for juveniles ages twelve (12) to eighteen (18). Separate housing units for males and females, as well as a fully staffed medical unit providing crisis rooms, isolation room which is used for contagious disease control.

Education is provided for all juveniles through a partnership with Farmington Municipal School District. Facility programming consists of daily Life Skills courses, Art classes, Health and Nutrition, and Career Readiness. On a monthly basis, Safe Sex and Sexually Transmitted Disease information classes are provided by the Department of Health. Additionally, religious services are available to all residents through various community faith providers and a facility Chaplain.

Behavior Modification System
All juveniles are required to participate in the Behavior Modification System. This system has 4 levels.

What is Behavior Modification System?
All youth placed in detention begin on Level 0. They may advance up to Levels 1, 2, and 3 depending on their participation, behavior, and length of stay. This system is to help modify behavior by juveniles following rules, regulations, and responsibilities and in the process, they earn privileges or removal of privileges.

All juveniles are allowed to receive visits from immediate family members based on a 24-hour advance appointment. Visits are 15 minutes long and are available for juveniles on the following schedule. The level the juvenile is on determines the number of visits eligible for.

  • Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 7:00 p.m., 7:20 p.m., 8:00 p.m., 8:20 p.m., and 8:40 p.m. Each visit will allow up to three (3) visitors at one time.
  • Special contact visits are scheduled through Administration. These visits are only permitted for juveniles who have been sentenced to a long-term commitment, strictly as a courtesy to the families and can be denied at any time.
  • Special Visit requests must go through Administration prior to approval.

Professional Visitation
All juveniles are allowed visits from attorneys, probation officers, counselors, or social workers, with exception to lunchtime. Accommodations will be made at any time by staff to all professional visitors.

Religious Services
Regularly scheduled religious services take place every Sunday on a rotating schedule. Staff informs residents of which providers are holding services on Sunday, and allow residents to sign up for the desired service. Every child detained in the San Juan County Juvenile Facility is allowed to worship and practice the religion of his/her choice as mandated by law, on a voluntary basis. We offer a variety of multi-denominational providers.

  • Catholic Services
  • Voice of God
  • Word of Life
  • The Gathering Church

Any special religious visits will be arranged and approved through Administration.

The facility also has a Chaplin who is available to counsel juveniles every Monday afternoon. In addition, a Catholic Priest visits juveniles requesting a visit every Monday evening.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous
A.A. and N.A. are available to all residents. A.A. is held on Monday nights on a rotating basis. N.A. is held on Wednesday nights on a rotating basis. Residents are to inform staff if they wish to attend. This is voluntary.

School is provided through the Farmington Municipal School District. The facility is on the same school schedule as the Farmington District, all breaks and holidays fall consistent with the public schools.

Juvenile Services has an on-site library for the educational, recreational, and informational purposes for residents. We have available Accelerated Reading material that is marked by reading levels. A check out system is available for residents on materials they need to complete school assignments such as book reports.

  LibraryB LibraryC


Mail Services
There are no limitations as to the volume of mail a juvenile can receive. All mail must have the full return address on the envelope before it will be delivered to the juvenile. All letters and packages will be inspected for contraband and opened in the presence of the child. Incoming mail from the court or child's attorney is considered privileged mail and will not be opened. This mail must be properly labeled in order to classify it as privileged mail. Personnel will not read any privileged mail.

Medical Services
Medical Services are available to all residents. Residents may request to see a nurse by filling out a "Medical Kite" form. There is a Nurses locked drop box located in every cell block for medical staff to access daily.

Juvenile Probation Officer/ Public Defender / Attorney
These services are provided by the Juvenile Justice System and are not provided by the San Juan County Juvenile Detention Center. Any information you may need about your case, please contact the Children Youth & Families Department, your Juvenile Probation Officer, your Private Attorney, or the Public Defender's Office.

Personal Hygiene / Disease Transmission Prevention and Awareness Class
The Department of Health conducts a Personal Hygiene / Disease Transmission Prevention and Awareness class once a month for all residents.

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