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The Legal Department represents San Juan County and the Board of County Commissioners in legal matters and provides legal advice and assistance to the County Executive Officer and staff.

The San Juan County Legal Department will be the most competent local government legal department in the State of New Mexico providing professional technical and practical legal advice and assistance to county elected officials, management and staff personnel.

This Department Does

  • Advise, represent and defend the Board of County Commissioners, its members, the County and its employees, and the elected officials and appointed officials before courts and administrative bodies.
  • Provide legal services relating to County real estate transactions, bond issues, procurement, contracts, taxes, personnel, drafting and enforcing ordinances, and collecting any claims existing in favor of the County or its agencies.
This Department Does Not
  • Provide legal services to individual employees on personal matters
  • Provide legal services to citizens on personal matters.
County Attorney Deputy County Attorney
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Douglas A. Echols Joe Sawyer
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  • Provided legal advice to Commissioners, Elected Officials, the CEO & staff.
  • Served as Legal Counsel to the San Juan County Communications Authority, the San Juan Water Commission and the Criminal Justice Training Authority.
  • Served as Administrative Hearing Officer for Liquor License Applications, Subdivision Hearings and Housing Authority Hearing.
  • Assisted Defense Attorneys with 23 pending lawsuits and monitored 40+ Tort Claim notices.
  • Assisted County's Contract Attorney with Condemnation Cases.
  • Assisted Bond Counsel with Bond Issues.
  • Reviewed Legislation.
  • Reviewed or Drafted 300+ Contracts.
  • Reviewed or Drafted Resolutions, R-O-W Documents, Deeds, Leases, Ordinances, Bid Documents and RFPs.
  • Processed Employee Garnishments and Child Support Orders.
  • Responded to Open Records Requests.