Opioid Litigation

San Juan County has joined in a lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies and drug distributors of prescription opioid painkillers. 

From the law firm Simmons Hanly Conroy, who is filing the case on behalf of San Juan County, "In the complaint, the County seeks relief for the costs incurred by the County to combat the public nuisance created by the drug companies’ deceptive marketing campaign that misrepresents the safety and efficacy of long-term opioid use.  Additionally, the complaint alleges that the crisis was fueled and sustained by those involved in the supply chain of opioids, including manufacturers, distributors, and pharmacies, who failed to maintain effective controls over the distribution of prescription opioids and who instead have actively sought to evade such controls". 

San Juan County will post information regarding the lawsuit as it becomes available.

PRESS RELEASE - June 1, 2018


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