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The McGee Park facilities also offer a Patio, Concession Stands and a Covered Pavilion. The patio at McGee Park is 50' X 90' and has lights, permanent benches, twelve picnic tables and a P.A. System. This Patio is the perfect place to have your entertainment during a picnic or just get out of the weather during your event. The four permanent concession stands located at McGee Park each are 1,628 sq. ft. and are equipped with a water heater, lights, sinks, air conditioning, grease traps & floor drains. The Covered Pavilion is located next to the Memorial Coliseum and is 37,500 sq. ft. It is covering asphalt and is the perfect place to have your company picnic or a get-together. The facilities at McGee Park are the best in the state and some of the finest in the western part of the United States.

4500 Sq. Ft. 1628 Sq. Ft.
Area: 50' x 90' Area: 20'3" x 80'2"
Lights Water Heater
PA System Lights
Permanent Benches Sink
20 Picnic Tables Air Conditioning
Permanent Concession Stands   Grease Traps
Stove with Oven Floor Drains
12,500 Sq. Ft.
Area: 50' x 250'
Electrical Outlets (Dances & Concerts)