Rental Rate Disclosure

  • The fees are determined by the San Juan County Board of County Commissioners for the rental of all McGee Park Facilities.
  • The rates will reflect a fee for preparation and clean up of the facilities.
  • The rental fees may be modified from time to time and shall become effective upon approval by the Board of County Commissioners at a regular special meeting.
  • The rental fee on McGee Park facilities will not be waived by the San Juan County Commission for non-profit organizations as of October 26, 1995.
  • To reduce scheduling problems for any type of event, a deposit will be required prior to the event being placed in the schedule book.  The deposit shall be the full rental payment.  Deposit is not binding without a signed contract.
  • If the promoter cancels the event no later than 45 days prior to the event, the deposit will be refunded; however if the promoter’s contract with the entertainer or event is a 30-day contract, then in this case after 30 days the deposit will not be refunded.
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