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Our combined mission is to provide the following services in the most cost effective and pro-active manner possible:

Maintain San Juan County's 761.85 miles of roadway and 19 bridges at a level which ensures San Juan County motorists safe and reliable roads

  • Maintain San Juan County's 391 light vehicles, 95 highway trucks and 59 pieces of heavy equipment
  • Provide a reasonable level of vector control to contain the spread of vector-related disease
  • Operate San Juan County's 12 trash collection stations in an environmentally acceptable and user-friendly manner

Our vision for the future is to focus on the basics, establish a level of light and heavy road maintenance/construction, vector control and solid waste services that are necessary, affordable and sustainable.

This will ensure that Public Works responds effectively to the needs and requests of San Juan County residents.


  • Maintain County Roads
  • Bridges
  • Trash Collection Stations
  • Property Clean Up Program
  • Sign Shop
  • Vector Control
  • Vehicle Maintenance
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Solid Waste Highlights
  • San Juan County Regional Landfill is situated on 160 acres leased from the Bureau of Land Management.
  • The landfill has a 50-year life span.
  • San Juan County has a lifetime contract with Waste Management to operate the landfill.
  • San Juan County pays Waste Management on a per cubic yard basis for disposed waste.
  • San Juan County operates 12 transfer/Solid Waste Dump Stations.
  • Over 320,000 vehicles go through the transfer stations annually.