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San Juan County's Public Works and Solid Waste Department's combined mission is to provide the following services in the most cost-effective and pro-active manner possible:

Maintain San Juan County's 745.76 miles of roadway and 19 bridges at a level which ensures San Juan County motorists safe and reliable roads

  • Maintain San Juan County's 440 light vehicles, 48 highway trucks and 126 pieces of heavy equipment
  • Provide a reasonable level of vector control to contain the spread of vector-related disease
  • Operate San Juan County's 12 trash collection stations in an environmentally acceptable and user-friendly manner

    Road List

Our vision for the future is to focus on the basics, establish a level of light and heavy road maintenance/construction, vector control and solid waste services that are necessary, affordable and sustainable. This will ensure that Public Works responds effectively to the needs and requests of San Juan County residents.


Public Works can help with the following:

Cattle Guards
Solid Waste Dump Stations
Culvert Repair/Installation
Dead Animal (large) on Roadway
Rights-Of-Way & Easements
Road Blading
Road Repairs
Road Signs


  • Maintain County Roads
  • Bridges
  • Trash Collection Stations
  • Property Clean Up Program
  • Sign Shop
  • Vector Control
  • Vehicle Maintenance
Solid Waste Highlights
  • San Juan County Regional Landfill is situated on 160 acres with a Patent from the State of New Mexico.
  • The landfill has approximately a 50-year life span.
  • San Juan County has a lifetime contract with Waste Management to operate the landfill.
  • San Juan County pays Waste Management on a per-ton basis for disposed waste.
  • Recycling services are offered at all 12 transfer station locations. In 2017, 700.73 tons of material was recycled, saving the County $38,744.36.
  • Over 212,616 vehicles go through the transfer stations annually.

Community Resources, a section of the Solid Waste Division, utilizes trustee labor provided by the Detention Center to perform roadside litter pickup, roadside vegetation removal, and other community service projects. In 2017, 940 inmate workers completed a total of 7,884.5 hours, equating to a value of $59,135.75. Inmates picked up 167.05 tons of trash on 363.11 miles of County and State roadways.

San Juan County Public Works
(505) 334-4520
Fax: (505) 334-3645
305 S. Oliver Dr., Aztec, NM 87410

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