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How are taxes determined?

The Assessor's Office compiles a "tax roll", listing each property. The property may include improvements (house, barns, sheds, etc.). "Full Value" is the appraised value determined by a San Juan County Appraiser. "Taxable Value" is one third (33 1/3%) of the "Full Value" of the taxed item. The "Tax Rate" is expressed in dollars of tax per thousand.

The tax rate is established every year by the State Department of Finance and Administration based on the budgets submitted to the State by the county, schools, cities and the Voters, through the approval of bond issues. The New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration prepares the “Certificate of Tax Rates” every September.

What Tax Year am I being billed for?

The calendar year that is almost over. EXAMPLE: 2010 tax bills were mailed out October 29, 2010.

When are my taxes due?

Tax Bills are mailed out by November 1 every year. The FULL AMOUNT OR the FIRST HALF of the property tax is due November 10th and becomes delinquent if not paid by close of business day on December 10. If you only pay the first half the SECOND HALF is due April 10th and becomes delinquent if not paid by close of business day on May 10th of the following year. The only exception is if the amount of tax owed is less than $10.00 in which case the entire amount is due by November 10th and becomes delinquent if not paid by close of business day on December 10.

Why did I get charged $5.00 when my taxes were less than $5.00?

The San Juan County Commission enacted a minimum tax bill policy pursuant to 7-38-36.1 NMSA 1978, which states "..if the property tax on property for which a tax bill is provided is less than $5.00 an administrative fee equal to the difference between the amount of the property tax and $5.00 will be charged." ie; if your tax is $2.00 there will be an administrative fee of $3.00 added to make the total due $5.00.

Can I pay my tax bill online?


I received a tax bill from your office at the beginning of November, but my mortgage company pays my taxes…what do I do?

The County Treasurer shall prepare and mail property tax bills to the owner of the property or any person other than the owner to whom the tax bill is to be sent (7-38-36). In other words, the original tax bill is always mailed to the property owner. If your mortgage company pays your taxes and has requested a copy of your tax bill there will be an X in the box on the tax bill located above the 2nd half payment coupon that states “YOUR MORTGAGE COMPANY HAS REQUESTED YOUR TAX BILL FOR PAYMENT. PLEASE KEEP THIS BILL FOR YOUR RECORDS.” If there is not an X in this box, you will need to contact your mortgage company.

I received a Tax Bill and there is a red “X” in the box marked that my mortgage company has requested my Tax Bill. I don’t have a mortgage company…or… My taxes are not part of my escrow with my mortgage company. What do I do?

Please call our office immediately. This red X indicates that a mortgage company has requested this tax account number to make payment on this tax bill. It is possible that the mortgage company has the wrong tax account number in their records. If the mortgage company ends up paying on this tax account number in error, it can become quite a problem for the taxpayer and the mortgage company…so please call us at 505-334-9421 as soon as you receive your Tax Bill.

I received a Tax Bill with my name and address following the previous owner’s name as “C/O”. How come?

If you are purchasing property on a Real Estate Contract the previous owner’s name will continue to appear on the Tax Bill until the real estate contract is paid off. If you are not on a contract, you need to take your recorded deed or other legal documents to the County Assessor’s office to verify your records with their tax roll records. You may call the Assessor’s office at 505-334-6157 to find out exactly what they may need from you.

I received a tax bill with my name and address on the bill and I sold the property.

The approximate cutoff date in the County Assessor’s office to change the property owner name and address for tax roll changes during the year is August 31. If you sold your property after this date, this is probably the reason you still received the tax bill. Usually when property is sold the buyer and seller will make arrangements at the closing through the title company as to whom will be paying the property taxes for that year. However, according to state statutes, the owner of the property as of January 1st is responsible for the property taxes. Please call our office at 505-334-9421 and we will be glad to help you with this question.

If I do not receive a Notice of Value, or a Tax Bill but I own property in San Juan County, do I still owe taxes?

Definitely, YES, Whether or not you received a Notice of Value or Tax Bill, does not relieve you of your responsibility to pay taxes; including any late charges if paid after the due date. Obviously it is to your advantage to receive proper notification of taxes, so please:


My mailing address has changed. What do I need to do to make sure I receive my Notice of Value and Tax Bill(s)?

Contact the Assessor's office at 505-334-6157. Name and address changes must be filed with the Assessor's office.

I notified the Treasurers' office about my change of address last year. The tax bill this year was still mailed to the old address. WHY?

The TREASURER'S OFFICE IS THE COLLECTOR OF TAXES. The "tax roll" (which lists taxpayer's addresses and other permanent information) is compiled and certified by the County Assessor. Only a court order or Assessor's authorization can change the tax roll. If you call the Treasurer's office to change your address you will be referred to the Assessor's office OR if you send in an address correction with your tax payment it is forwarded to the Assessor’s office to determine if an address change can be made. 
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