Important Updates:

San Juan County has consolidated all the relevant information about the coronavirus and COVID-19 in one place, More here...

San Juan County ,offices have reopened, following COVID Safe Practices, learn more here 
There are a number of resources for behavioral and mental health support here More...


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  • Exemptions

    • What are exemptions?

    • What are the exemptions and how do I qualify?

    • Are there exemptions for non-governmental entities?

  • Limitations on Increase in Value

    • What is a Limitation on Increase in Value?

  • Name & Address Change

    • My mailing address has changed. What do I need to do to make sure I receive my Notice of Value and Tax Bill(s)?

    • I notified the Treasurers' office about my change of address last year. The tax bill this year was still mailed to the old address. WHY?

    • I received a Notice of Value with my name and address following the previous owner's name. How come?

  • Property Tax Rebate

    • Do I qualify for a property tax rebate?

  • Protesting Assessment

    • I disagree with my valuation. What should I do?

  • Re-Assessment

    • What is re-assessment?

  • Taxes

    • How are taxes determined?

  • Valuation of Property

    • What is a Notice of Value?

    • My valuation went up - WHY?

    • When are the Notice of Values mailed?

    • I just received my NOTICE OF VALUE'. What do I need to do with it?

    • If I do not receive a Notice of Value, but I own property in San Juan County, do I still owe taxes?