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Building Department

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This site provides general information regarding the building and permitting process in the unincorporated areas of San Juan County and also includes the City of Aztec and the City of Bloomfield and the Town of Kirtland. The information contained herein may not cover specific questions or projects, so please contact the Building Division at (505) 334-4313 for additional information.


  • County Rural Addressing: (505) 334-4314
  • County Subdivisions and Divisions of Land: (505) 334-4248
  • Driveway Permits off State or US Highways: (505) 476-4223
  • Driveway Permits off County Maintained Roads: (505) 334-4530
  • Septic Permits: (505) 566-9741
  • Mobile Home Permits: (505) 330-7156
  • Floodplain Permits: (505) 334-4719
  • City of Aztec Planning and Zoning: (505) 334-7605
  • City of Bloomfield Planning and Zoning: (505) 632-6319
  • Town of Kirtland: (505) 598-4160
  • Farmington Electric Utility System: (505) 599-8310
  • Aztec Electrical Department: (505) 334-7667
Construction Codes
Commercial Construction
Residential Construction
Plan Review



FAQ List

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  • I want to put a storage shed on my residential property. Do I need a permit?

  • I need need a carport for my vehicle. Do I need a permit?

  • Do I need a contractors license to put an addition and porch on my house?

  • Do I need an architect to draw my plans for a new home or an addition to my existing home?

  • Can you recommend a good contractor?

  • How long is my permit valid?

  • I want to get a permit, but I am afraid my taxes will skyrocket because of the cost of my project. What can I do?

  • What are the requirements for a permanent foundation for my mobile home?