Important Updates:

San Juan County has consolidated all the relevant information about the coronavirus and COVID-19 in one place, More here...

Additionally, Public Health Orders from the State of New Mexico has forced changes to operations at San Juan County, learn more here 
There are a number of resources for behavioral and mental health support here More...

For Voters

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  • Who can register to vote in New Mexico?

  • Where can I register to vote?

  • Can I register or change my registration by mail?

  • Why do you need to know where I live?

  • What is a major political party?

  • Can I register to vote using my business or a friends address?

  • What if my name and/or address changes?

  • How do I change my party affiliation?

  • Do I need to register for each election?

  • How do I know if my voter registration has been accepted?

  • What is a Primary Election?

  • What is a General Election?

  • When are elections held?