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Additionally, Public Health Orders from the State of New Mexico has forced changes to operations at San Juan County, learn more here 
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Become A Pollworker

Be a Guardian of Democracy. Become a Pollworker!

Join the team of dependable and proud individuals who help ensure this basic right in fair elections.

The San Juan County Bureau of Elections needs approximately 300 pollworkers to work at the 33 voting convenience centers during county-wide elections.

What does a pollworker do?

  • Open and close the polls
  • Set up voting equipment
  • Register and sign-in voters
  • Issue ballots

To be a pollworker you must:

  • Be a registered voter in San Juan County
  • Read, write and speak English
  • Attend a 2 hour training class prior to the election

On Election Day, poll workers must remain at the polling place the entire day. The hours are 6:00 a.m. to approximately 8:00 p.m..

Pollworkers are paid $125 for the day and $25 for attending the 2 hour training session.

We are especially in need of Navajo bilingual persons to serve as Clerks/Interpreters. In addition to the normal pollworker duties, Clerks/Interpreters translate the ballot information into the Navajo language for voters.

Call 505-334-9471 or 1-800-956-0900 to become a pollworker or interpreter, or you may email Tanya Shelby to be a pollworker, or email Arlenta Horse-Dickie to become an interpreter.