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Additionally, Public Health Orders from the State of New Mexico has forced changes to operations at San Juan County, learn more here 
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Native American Election Information Program

Native Vote LogoThe Native American Election Information Program was established in San Juan County in the early 1980s and is housed under the Bureau of Elections department of the County Clerk's Office. The Program is to assist and educate Native American citizens on Elections (including school, city, county, state, and federal), candidacy filing, voter registration, absentee voting, early voting, poll worker recruitment and training, activities on election day, and results of the election. The program assists in the Navajo language on the election process.

San Juan County, New Mexico contains a portion of the Navajo Reservation consisting of eighteen chapters:

San Juan County is determined and committed to making the election process equally available to Native American citizens pursuant to Section 2 and 203 of the Voting Rights Act. San Juan County continues to provide substantial bilingual assistance to the Navajo citizens of San Juan County.

Voting Convenience Centers

Voting Convenience Center Printable List

Phil Thomas Performing Arts Center

On U.S. Highway 64 and West of Shiprock High School.


CCSD Business Office


South of U.S. Highway 64 - Old Shiprock High School.


Nenahnezad Chapter Facilities


Between Road 6675 & N36.



11 miles Northwest on Road 9100


Beclabito Chapter Facilities

Road 9064


Tse alnaozt'i'i (Sanostee) Chapter Facilities

9 miles W of US Hwy 491 on Indian Service Route 34


Crystal Chapter Facilities

1/3 mile North on N12, from junction N12 and N134


Two Grey Hills Chapter Facilities

Junction of N-19 and N-5000 - 3 miles south


Newcomb Fire Station

Mile Marker #56.5 Highway 491, on the West side of the highway


Sheep Springs Chapter Facilities

Just to the West of Mile Marker 47 on U.S. Highway 491


Naschitti Chapter Facilities

US Hwy 491 Mile Marker 42, on the West side of the highway


Lake Valley School


13 Road 7750


Nageezi Chapter Facilities

1153 NM, Hwy 550


Huerfano Chapter Facilities

536 Road 7150


Tiis Tsoh Sikaad (Burnham) Chapter Facilities

12 miles East of US Hwy 491 on Navajo Route 5 and 1/2 mile South on Navajo Route 5080