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Become A Voter Registration Agent

To register voters, New Mexico Election Law states you must be registered as a Third-Party Registration Agent through the Secretary of State or the County Clerk.

  • The Third Party Registration Agent form must be completed and notarized.
    • You will be issued a Voter Registration Agent (VRA) number which must be filled in on every voter you register.
  • A pack of 20 forms will be assigned to you as requested.


Things to keep in mind:

  • New Mexico has a closed Primary Election. To be able to vote in the Primary, a voter must choose a major political party.
  • Once completed, voter registrations must be mailed or delivered to the County Clerk's Office within 48 hours.
  • If a voter applicant does not want to provide their full Social Security Number, you may complete the voter registration form and return it to the County Clerk. Be sure you inform the voter applicant that they will not be registered until the provide the full number to the County Clerk's Office.

For more information contact the County Clerk's office at (505) 334-9471.