Important Updates:

San Juan County has consolidated all the relevant information about the coronavirus and COVID-19 in one place, More here...

San Juan County ,offices have reopened, following COVID Safe Practices, learn more here 
There are a number of resources for behavioral and mental health support here More...

Mission: The San Juan County Health Care Assistance Program's (HCAP) mission is to improve the quality of life in San Juan County by identifying and addressing the health care needs of the uninsured residents of San Juan County.

Vision: The vision of the San Juan County Health Care Assistance Program's (HCAP) is to promote the health and well being of residents of San Juan County through programs that improve access and availability of health care services in our community.

As set forth by NM Statute § 27-5-2

  • Provide for the provision of health care to uninsured patients who live in the county.
  • Provide local revenues to match federal funds to support the State Medicaid Program through the County
  • Supported Medicaid Fund, and to support local hospitals through the Safety Net Care Pool.
  • Provide local revenues for countywide or multi-county health planning.

NM Health Exchange BeWellNM: Are you struggling with medical bills and have no insurance? We may be able to help.

What do we do?

The HCAP helps people who do not have medical insurance with their medical bills. There is an application process.

To qualify, you must meet these criteria:

  • You must apply within 180 days of incurring your medical bills.
  • You must be a resident of San Juan County for at least 90 days.
  • Non-citizens can apply but must have "Legal Permanent Resident" status.
  • There is an income limit - see HCAP Program Information for details.
  • There is a limit on your personal assets - see HCAP Program Information for details.
  • You must have applied for Medicaid and not qualified (we can help you with these forms)

For more information, contact the HCAP Office at (505) 334-4288

San Juan County Behavioral Gap Analysis

 In 2019, the San Juan County Commission authorized an analysis of gaps in Behavioral Health Services in the county. The resulting study is available here, and has lead to the hiring is San Juan County's Behavioral Services Director. 

Needs Assessment

San Juan County Partnership has conducted a comprehensive county-wide community Needs Assessment every four years since 1996. The purpose of this ongoing effort has been to help identify areas of concern and prioritize services of greatest need of expansion in San Juan County.

The goal is that this document will be useful to a variety of service agencies, government entities, schools, businesses, and organizations throughout the county for purposes of planning, applications for funding, and channeling resources in order to make the greatest contribution to the vitality of the community.