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Reserve Deputy Sheriff Program

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Reserve Deputy:

The function of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Unit involves the responsibility for the protection of life, property, and enforcement of the law. In the discharge of this responsibility, Reserve Deputies must recognize that all operations are in the interest of public safety and welfare. That Reserve Deputies have had conferred upon them, certain legal powers not possessed by private citizens.

Therefore, it is imperative that the objectives of the Reserve organization and the Sheriff’s Office be achieved in a manner to inspire the confidence and respect of the public.

The Mission of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy Program:

It shall be the mission of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office in partnership with the community to protect life and property in upholding the law in a fair and equal manner.

We will adapt to the community’s changing needs through proactive strategies and traditional policing methods.

In our exercise of authority we will maintain a high level of integrity, compassion, professionalism and dedication to service.
Click on the Recruiter link below to be added to the wait-list for the next academy.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Reserve Deputy, please contact our Recruiter or call 505-334-6107.

Duties of the Reserve Deputy:

It shall be the duty of the Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy Program and the members thereof to assist the enforcement of law by cooperating with all law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies of San Juan County when requested by them and under the control and direction of the Sheriff of San Juan County.

Minimum Qualification of a Reserve Deputy:

An Applicant for the Reserve Deputy Program shall provide evidence satisfactory that he:

  • Is a citizen of the United States and has reached the age of twenty-one (21)
  • Holds a high school diploma or GED
  • Holds a valid New Mexico Driver’s license
  • Has not been convicted or pled guilty to or entered a plea of no contest to any felony charge, pled guilty to any federal, state law, or local ordinance relating to aggravated assault, theft, driving while intoxicated, using illegal controlled substances or other crime involving moral turpitude and
  • Has not been released or discharged under dishonorable conditions from any of the armed forces of the United States.
  • After examination by a licensed physician, is free of any physical conditions that might adversely affect his/her performance as a reserve deputy.
  • Is of good moral character.


How Many Hours Must I Participate as a Reserve Deputy:

After Reserves have completed the Reserve Academy training they are required to complete a minimum of 10 hours of service (active duty) each month and two hours of training each month.

What Does it Cost?

Uniforms and equipment are provided by the Sheriff’s Office at no cost to the Reserve Deputies (except for appropriate footwear). All items must be turned in upon resignation or termination of the program.

Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy Examination and Hiring Process

1. Application Process

Applications are done online on the county website at To be taken directly to the job posting and apply click here. (Note: Job Posting will only show up if we are recruiting)

2. Physical Fitness Waiver

* Physical Fitness Waiver, signed by your physician, MUST be submitted the day of the Physical Agility Exam. You can NOT participate without this form.

3. San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Timed Physical Agility Exam:

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office shall conduct a timed physical agility test to determine if the applicant is able to render assistance in case of emergency or to provide assistance to commissioned deputies or citizens of San Juan County. The physical agility test is an Obstacle Course.

Obstacle Course:

The obstacle course must be completed within 5 minutes prior to being accepted into reserve academy. It must be completed within 4 minutes and 20 seconds to graduate the reserve academy.

The obstacle course consists of exiting a vehicle, running through a door up and down two flights of stairs, returning through door then running to and up a set of steps, jumping off, negotiating a balance beam, moving toward and climbing over a 6’ wall. (Applicant may use a 16” step prior to entering academy but must be able to do to without step to graduate) Applicant then runs for 100 feet and climbs through two windows. Applicant then climbs over an 8’ chain link fence then runs through a set of tires. Applicant continues to the arrest simulator and once that objective is completed the time stops.

Any applicant who does not meet the physical requirements described above shall be disqualified for consideration in the Reserve Deputy Program.

4. San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Panel Interview:

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office shall conduct a panel interview of all applicants for the position of reserve deputy, for the purpose of determining their qualifications. No applicant shall be appointed a member of the reserve deputy program until he/she passed such panel interview with a score of not less than 34 (60%).

5. Reserve Deputy Applicant Background Screening:

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office shall perform a criminal history screening on all applicants for the reserve deputy program. If an applicant has a criminal record, his application may be denied. If an applicant has a felony conviction or a conviction for a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, his application for an appointment into the Reserve Deputy Program shall be denied.

  • An applicant for the Reserve Deputy Program shall be fingerprinted as part of the background investigation. This is done at the Sheriff’s Office.
  • The Sheriff’s Office will conduct a thorough background of all applicants that move through the Reserve Deputy Process.
  • The Sheriff of San Juan County shall determine whether to appoint an applicant who has a criminal record that did not result in conviction of a felony or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude. The Sheriff’s decision to deny an applicant for a commission in the reserve deputy program is final and may not be appealed.

 6. Drug Screening

Applicants who have successfully passed the background investigation and command staff review must complete a drug screening.

7. Acceptance & Academy

Once applicants have been accepted into the program, they are required to attend the Reserve Academy. The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Academy is approximately six months long. Classes are normally one evening and a Saturday in the same week held every other week. There may be some additional time as needed. Reserve Deputy Program Cadets who fail to regularly attend the academy or drop out early shall be terminated from the program.

NOTE: All new Reserve members will be on one-year probation, even if they complete their training before one-year. Probation starts once the Reserve Deputy has completed his mandatory academy training.

8. Resignations

Any Reserve Deputy who wishes to resign will do so in writing to his or her Commander, Assistant Commander and the Sheriff. All county property and uniforms will be turned in at the time the resignation is accepted.