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Property Tax Classification

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Personal Property

Personal property is property that is not permanently attached to a certain location. It is movable and can be considered an asset, such as; livestock, business equipment, farm equipment and construction equipment. To register your personal property please contact the Personal Property Appraiser at 505-334-4206 or click here.

Real Property

Real property is property that is permanently attached to a certain location. Its' nature is immovable, for example, land, improvements (structures) on land, site-built home, permanently affixed mobile home, commercial buildings, office buildings and schools. The value of real property is determined by San Juan County Appraisers assessment complying with comparable properties' market value. 

Mobile Home

A mobile home is defined as a movable or portable housing structure with a minimum of eight feet in width and 36 feet in length constructed to be towed on its own chassis. The structure may come in multiple sections such as, a double wide or triple wide. Said any addition to a mobile home will be assessed as an improvement on land (real property). Owner is responsible to register a mobile home with the Motor Vehicle Department and to report its existence to the San Juan County Assessor's Office. Failure to report your mobile home could subject you to a fine plus back taxes up to ten years. Please contact the Assessor's office at 505-334-6157 for more information.