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Treasurer Notifications

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Tax Bill

Property tax bills are released by the Treasurer's office once a year on the 1st of November unless unusual circumstances arise, such as a new state law. Taxpayers have the option to pay by first and second half installments or paid in full amounts. The first half and full installment are due on November 10th, it becomes subject to penalty and interest on December 11th. The Second half installment is due on April 10th, it becomes subject to penalty and interest on May 11th. Payment can be made one of four ways;

  1. in person through Treasurer's office windows,
  2. mailed to our processing center at P.O. BOX 912720, Denver, CO 80291-2720,
  3. mailed to our physical address at 100 S. Oliver Dr., St. 300, Aztec, NM 87410, or
  4. it can also be done online, click here.

A valid mailing address is needed for the tax bill to be delivered in timely manner. Please contact the Assessor's office at 505-334-6157 to update your mailing address.

Reminder Notice

A reminder notice will be mailed on April 1st to property owners whose accounts still having a balance from previous years tax bills and current tax bills first installment, current tax bills second installment or both. A reminder notice will be formatted in a single payment coupon.

Delinquent Notice

A delinquent notice will be mailed after the second half installment due date. If you receive a delinquent notice, then there are back taxes due in your account. Failure to pay three years or more back taxes could result in your property being added to the Auction List established by the State of New Mexico.

Mobile Home Tax Release

A mobile home tax release is required for a duplicate title, a title changed and a moving permit. Owner needs to contact the Assessor's Office to submit the mobile home information prior to paying out the current tax balance plus the estimated upcoming tax bill in the Treasurer's office. A $5.00 Tax Release fee for a regular Tax Release or $25.00 Moving Permit fee will be added to the total transaction. Payments for Mobile Home Tax Release transaction are restricted to certified funds only, includes; Cash, Cashier Check, Money Order, Debit/ Credit Cards. No personal or business checks accepted.

Mobile Home Demand Warrant

If you receive a Mobile Home Demand Warrant, your mobile home owes at least one year in taxes. The deadline to make a payment is 10 business days after your receive the Demand Warrant. You may receive a Second Demand Warrant if a current balance on your account is not paid. Demand warrants are delivered by Sheriff Officers and are subject to a $42.00 Demand Warrant fee, each time it's delivered. Payment can be made in person through Treasurer's Office windows or mailed to our physical address at 100 S Oliver Dr., St. 300, Aztec, NM 87410. It can also be done online, click here